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The latter. Well, I suspect that the latter would require the former anyways for any real use.

Re: Character generator? by AkiraZXEAkiraZXE, 15 Mar 2017 01:01

Do you mean like an export function? Or more like an extendable data format which is readable by a game helper program?

Re: Character generator? by thepixelatorthepixelator, 15 Mar 2017 00:21
Re: Humans
AkiraZXEAkiraZXE 15 Mar 2017 00:15
in discussion Forum / Ideas » Humans

That might make a good replacement of the current human subraces, which are really just human races with no bonuses whatsoever.

I think Common is the human language, and I *think*, but I'm not sure, that humans get an extra language. It's something, but then, languages are not well-implemented in most campaigns because it requires that the DM make changes. Potentially we need to address campaigns in general, because that's definitely not something you can fix on the ruleset or player side of things.

My original thought was that we give humans more skills in general, or that they get a skill or two that's immediately boosted high enough to be useful in some way. So, for instance, we could have a skill that does what Tactical Thinker does, giving initiative bonus or an extra partial action or something to a party, and somebody making a human could simply choose it as a bonus skill.

Reworking humans will have to go hand-in-hand with reworking skills and feats since a bonus feat was already *the* human bonus.

Re: Humans by AkiraZXEAkiraZXE, 15 Mar 2017 00:15
Re: Humans
FusedFused 14 Mar 2017 23:24
in discussion Forum / Ideas » Humans

Other ideas:

Silver Tongue: or something similar to increase charisma. Perhaps even reduce the cost of something by a certain amount.

Linguistic-Masters: Free language maybe? If that's the case, remove the free language of the other races. Since all the races know common and their ancestral language, perhaps add a language for humans + an extra one? Or maybe, give them two extra languages?

Tactical Thinker: Bonus when coordinating actions between many people, very vague but also could be useful. Maybe make it a skill?

I was also thinking a bonus in handling certain animals, dogs, horses, cows, and the like.

Re: Humans by FusedFused, 14 Mar 2017 23:24

I'd add that wizards learn spells by buying them, on a mechanical level. This already sort of exists as a mechanic in-game (wizards can attempt to learn spells from scrolls), it'd just be a simple expansion on that.

I'd also add that wizards *must* take the skill/feat/language to read scrolls, or that it comes prepackaged as part of the wizard class. It's basically necessary. Something to keep in mind for reworking skills.

Likewise, I'd put that sorcerers don't get it prepackaged. Since sorcerers are intuitive spellcasters, they don't read scrolls. Though they might give some kind of bonus for trying to use magical items, even if they don't have the skill, depending on whether or not you want to consider them capable of "feeling" magic off of magic items.

Depending on the balance, it may be worth looking at spell foci. Wizards should probably require a spell focus, but sorcerers should not. It can really go either way, but I think it makes the most sense for wizards to have spellcasting tools that sorcerers do not need. Could also involve casting bonuses somehow in that, or casting penalties for not having them. Either way, it's another one of those strange features that should probably be looked at.

Re: Spellcaster class ideas by AkiraZXEAkiraZXE, 14 Mar 2017 21:49

I would also suggest making the sheets easy to access with another utility. I'm sure there's terminology for that, how simple it is to pass information from a file to a program. If that happened, even a total programming novice with no experience could throw together a utility that can do your saves, initiative, attack rolls, and so on with a few buttons.

Again, getting into video game territory there, but since we're doing it over computer anyways there's not much of a difference. Though it would really only be automating a dice roll, you'd still have to control what's happening on the game board.

Re: Character generator? by AkiraZXEAkiraZXE, 14 Mar 2017 20:37
Re: loose ruleset
AkiraZXEAkiraZXE 14 Mar 2017 20:32
in discussion Forum / Ideas » loose ruleset

I think the problem really is that we're just bad. The organization of the rules is the primary reason for that with the handbook having maybe one rule per five-hundred words of flavor text. We can boil that down to a few pages at most. We're not writing a novel after all, as you said we can simply have something like:

Full actions

Change equip
Dash 60 feet

Partial actions

Ready spell

Free action (to within DM's discretion)

Say short phrase/command
Drop held item


Grappling combatant does A B C.
Grappling target does X Y Z.

You could fit 90% of the relevant rules on a single page doing something like this. As in, small enough to easily print out, fit most of on a tablet, or write down in 10 minutes. That should be the goal, if at all possible.

Re: loose ruleset by AkiraZXEAkiraZXE, 14 Mar 2017 20:32

So I was thinking about this at work (instead of working), and I realized that the 3.5 character generator is actually really simple. I could totally one-up it given about 10 or 20 hours of work.

Granted, that entire thing is structured around it being javascript-based, hence the semi-janky save/load character buttons, and the lack of saving anything between browser sessions.
Well, I don't know javascript. I do, however, know python and sql very well, and have access to a webhost that allows me to make that combo into a working website - and it would actually let you save your characters to the site. The choice of python (via cgi) would make the site poorly scaling, but granted that we don't get that many people using it (like just us) it wouldn't be slow.

This is way far out, but it would both make this system easy to use, give us a solution for character sheets, and be a cool thing that I kinda want to do.

Before getting to it, I'd want character creation to be a pretty well defined process, which hopefully would be easier to represent than vanilla D&D's.

Character generator? by thepixelatorthepixelator, 14 Mar 2017 18:13
Re: loose ruleset
thepixelatorthepixelator 14 Mar 2017 07:07
in discussion Forum / Ideas » loose ruleset

Alternately, I propose the idea that your (Collin) aversion to the rules is not due to there being a bunch of rules, but that they're:

  1. poorly organized, which we plan to address (this site)
  2. Stupid, which we plan to address via restructuring
  3. Tedious, which I think basically ends up being the same as 2
Re: loose ruleset by thepixelatorthepixelator, 14 Mar 2017 07:07
loose ruleset
thepixelatorthepixelator 14 Mar 2017 07:03
in discussion Forum / Ideas » loose ruleset

Collin likes to keep rules to a minimum. Should we keep a running theme throughout our rules, where we make a "loose ruleset" version? For instance, the real rules could say "you get movement, one primary action and one bonus action every round, unless your abilities give you additional ones. Primary actions include x, y and z……." And it goes on and on, whereas the loose version of that page could say, in it's entirety "A turn is 6 seconds. Do stuff that fits in that timeframe. In general, you can move x feet and attack. If you aren't sure if you can do an action you want to take in 6 seconds, ask the DM."

loose ruleset by thepixelatorthepixelator, 14 Mar 2017 07:03

wizard/sorcerer classes in D&D are basically the same thing.

Ideas for stuff:

  • Wizard. Class who gains power through their intelligence stat. They can acquire the ability to cast new spells by studying a certain amount of time. They can therefore learn a fuckton of spells, infinitely, but cast them slowly, since they literally have to say, out loud, a long, magic-y incantation.
  • Sorcerer. Class who gains power through their charisma stat (which is more like "force of personality" in this context). They cast a spell as an intrinsic part of who they are. They should have a mechanic like mana, which allows them to sling spells super fast, but only until they run out of mana.
  • Blood mage. Class who gains power through their constitution stat. Probably restricted to chaotic alignment. When they cast spells, they sacrifice life points. Ability to learn spells may be granted by sacrificing animals, or for high-level spells, sentient races.
Spellcaster class ideas by thepixelatorthepixelator, 14 Mar 2017 06:50

push the races. all da races

5e has that trait/background nonsense that gives you silly skill increases and the like. Your feature should probably replace that one, at least as anything mechanically-relevant. How it replaces it will be up to how skills and feats are reworked.

My first thought is that feats can be unlocked automatically with enough skill points into a skill. Similar to leveling up in Oblivion or Skyrim, where you automatically get a trait when you reach a skill level. That may not work but it's somewhere to start.

Re: skill/feat combination by AkiraZXEAkiraZXE, 14 Mar 2017 06:35

Doesn't everyone just roll a set hit die as a part of their class? I mean if that's the case, lets just give everyone a static number of hit points per level.

Re: Wrestling
thepixelatorthepixelator 14 Mar 2017 06:29
in discussion Forum / Ideas » Wrestling

Dwarf fortress may be idea-fodder for this. Hand to hand combat in the game involves targeting and disabling individual body parts. For instance, say you have someone in a headlock - you're standing behind them, and using your arms to place their head, left arm and right arm in disabled status. They then have open to them actions with their torso and legs, such as possibly stomping on your feet.

You can also end up in pretty damn hilarious twister games on the ground (UFC anyone?)

That may be too complicated, but it's worth considering.

Re: Wrestling by thepixelatorthepixelator, 14 Mar 2017 06:29

Oh, I also had an idea of something I kindof want to include in our basic ruleset: During character creation, you can design a single ability which gives you a minor bonus or buff, based on your character's life/skills/whatever. You'll need to talk it over with the DM to approve whether it's too powerful, but I think it should improve the overall coolness of characters by adding this mechanic to the system as a whole.

As an example, say you're making a womanizer character. You can give him a +1 bonus to all diplomacy checks with characters of the opposite sex.

As a part of removing tedium from character creation, I think we should remove the idea of leveling discrete skills like swim.


  • Say you put 2 points in swim because your character is from an island or something. You can, and probably will in the average setting, go the entire campaign without swimming once. That's dumb.
  • Not putting points in spot is handicapping yourself, given how we tend to play.

Proposed solution:
Combine feats and skills into a single concept: Abilities
These are things you take in character creation, or can acquire during the campaign, which can change anything about you.

Carry over some feats as abilities, for instance quick cast (allows you to cast one spell as a free action).
Skills should be replaced by more general abilities. For instance, I think spot, listen and search should be combined into a generic ability called heightened awareness, which would give you +1 on a roll if you're doing any of those.

Ability ideas:

  • Heightened awareness: +1 on rolls when spotting, listening, or searching
  • Athletic: +1 on rolls when swimming, climbing and jumping

Abilities can, depending on the type, be leveled, such that you can have 2 levels in heightened awareness, giving you +2.

These abilities being more general should make them more interesting, make it easier to design a character's skills and actually have them be used, and remove a sizable portion of the tedium from character creation.

skill/feat combination by thepixelatorthepixelator, 14 Mar 2017 06:20
Re: Wrestling
AkiraZXEAkiraZXE 14 Mar 2017 06:18
in discussion Forum / Ideas » Wrestling

With this, there should also be a monk grapple-focused subclass, or a rework of one that has grapple bonuses.

Also, whatever these grapple changes end up being, they may need to also involve disarming.

Re: Wrestling by AkiraZXEAkiraZXE, 14 Mar 2017 06:18

Possibly taking hand-to-hand striking, wrestling, and the various weapon types, then turning them into schools of knowledge similar to magic.

I don't think this would do much mechanically, but it would generalise the weapon-based systems so that it clashes less with the changes to the magic system.

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